What do I need to become a foster carer?


Spare Bedroom

You will need at least one spare bedroom. This is a legal requirement as they will need to have their own space and privacy while living with you. The spare bedroom must be large enough to accommodate a bed, double wardrobe, study desk and chest of drawers.



Your accommodation can be owned or rented, being furnished to a good standard and comfortable. There should be sufficient communal space to spend time as a family within your home.


A Commitment To Fostering

Ideally, we would like at least one person to commit full time to fostering, there are cases where it may be possible to continue working but this depends on your individual circumstances. Speak to us to find out more.


Singles or Couples

We welcome single applicants as well as couples. If you are single, it is important that you have a good support network. Some people choose to foster after they have raised a family other like to foster alongside raising their own.


Employed or Unemployed

You can be looking for work or in employment. Many people choose fostering after looking for a career change or being made redundant. Fostering is a great option for those that would like to work from home.

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