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Airedale Shopping Centre | Brighter Fostering
Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Here at Brighter Fostering we have been busy getting to know you in the community. What a pleasure it was to meet people at the Broadway Shopping Centre over the Mother’s Day weekend! 

As student Social Workers having the pleasure of being on placement at Brighter Fostering, it was our first experience of getting to talk with families and people about the need for fostering, we were excited and nervous!  

We hoped to raise awareness while being able to answer questions with confidence. We met some fantastic people who were passionate about making a difference to a child who need it the most… the most vulnerable young people in our society. 

Other events included a local job fair with presentations, lots of interaction and a week down at the Airedale Shopping Centre in Keighley. We have been blown away by the response we received from everyone, and very grateful for the opportunity. 

We have overcome our initial trepidation and have enjoyed the chance to really get to know you while learning a great deal. We thank those who have considered joining us on this journey to become amazing foster carers with Brighter Fostering.  

Student Social Workers @BrighterFostering

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